Special Offers


April is .....


"Spring has Sprung"
The season of the birds and the bees is upon us!
10% off Neutering in April for Cats,Dogs & Rabbits




May is .....


Flea Awareness!

10% off Flea Treatment for Cats and Dog

(minimum 4 treatments)



June is .....


Vaccination Amnesty

Are you ready for your Summer Holidays?

Are your Pets up-to-date with their vaccinations?

Discounted re-start vaccines  during the month of June.



July is .....


Rabbit Month

Book a Free Nurse appointment for Advice on your Happy Hopper 

10% off Rearguard, for Fly Strike Prevention 



August is .....


Keep your pet's Worm Free

10% off Drontal wormer, offer for Cats and Dogs





September is .....


"Pets Smile month"

Come and see our Nurses for your Free dental check up at 

"fresh breath club"



October/November is .....


Petrified pets! 

Fireworks if your pet is frightened 

come and see our Nurses for free advice at this

scary time of the year.