The Pets Travel Scheme (PETS) has been in operation since February 2000 and means that with a Pet Passport your companion can re-enter the UK without having to be quarantined, making the possibility of holidaying abroad with your companions a real one!


On 1st January 2012, PETS changed to harmonise the UK's regulations with the rest of the EU.


The main purpose of the scheme is to keep the UK free from Rabies and certain other foreign diseases that are transmitted by biting insects and ticks. UK pets are susceptible to exotic diseases which in most cases are not easily treated and can prove fatal.


For more information regarding the requirements for a pet passport please visit the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) website.


It is also a good idea to contact the DEFRA helpline Tel: 0370 241 1710 prior to making any travel plans to discuss any recent changes or specific restrictions regarding the country you are travelling to.


Our team will be more than happy to assist you in obtaining a pet passport, export or health certificate for your companion.


Remember, don't leave it too late......Obtaining a pet passport can be a lengthy process, so you need to be thinking well in advance of your planned holiday if you wish to go with your companion.